Friday, December 22, 2017

From Solstice Onward

You, darkness, that I come from
I love you more than all the fires
that fence in the world,
for the fire makes a circle of light for everyone
and then no one outside learns of you.

But the darkness pulls in everything-
shapes and fires, animals and myself,
how easily it gathers them! -
powers and people-

and it is possible a great presence is moving near me.

I have faith in nights.
~Rainer Maria Rilke

I surrendered to house projects and other things over these past months.  Sometimes writing about process takes energy away from actually being in process!

That said, as this challenging year closes, I will leave you with the beginning of a small piece on kindness and the above quote from Rilke in honor of the winter solstice.

work in process

I wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday season!

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  1. May you have a peaceful and fulfilling New Year!


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