Monday, August 14, 2017

Out of the Dye Pot

dyeing fabric

I was going through things on the porch, and found my selection of Procion dyes.  Considering passing them on since I had not touched them for many years, then figured why not dye one last batch.  It ended up being a  fun summer project experimenting with not only cotton, but brocades and other fabrics.  And now I have a selection of interesting pieces to work with... 

dyeing fabric

The baggie contained pieces above bake in the sun to intensify colors.

dyeing fabric

Another selection....

dyeing fabric

Still considering passing on the remaining dyes.  For one thing, the process uses a lot of water, not good for our drought sensitive area.

And from the garden...  I planted this ginger root that began to sprout in the kitchen, and it is growing..

ginger sprout


  1. Wild and wonderful colours! :-) I often think it's more fun to do this sort of thing with materials judged "old" and possibly ineffective. I know I take on a "What have I got to lose?" attitude -- and the results are often (like yours) fabulous!

    1. I have a whole collection of dyes that I am not using and are old. I agree that it might be fun to play with some of them and see what happens. I tend to use less intensive water methods and small pieces of cloth so the water usage is not that bad, however, I agree with using water carefully. We need to be careful here so water is available if needed for fighting fires.


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