Friday, March 24, 2017


We dance round in a ring and suppose;
But the secret sits in the middle and knows.
~ Robert Frost
Dialogue by Linda A. Miller

My new quilt, "Dialogue", had a long wait from start to finish.  Several years ago I had pieced the quilt top with bits of my inked lines and commercial fabric, then it sat unfinished.  Something about it was not working and I was not motivated to finish it.  I recently came across the top again, and decided to play with it.  Getting out the rotary cutter, I cut it up, turned parts this way and that.... and liked the effects!  (Sorry, I can't find the original photo to post.)  The piece flowed from there.  Sometimes things work out that way, everything has its own pacing.

Dialogue by Linda A. Miller

This quilt may have been waiting for "face" fabric to arrive.  Adding that particular element allowed the quilt sing for me.

In his recent post David Limrite theorizes why the end result may seem disconnected from your idea at the start.  He writes, "There are twists and turns and changes in motivation. The painting changes course a multitude of times throughout the process."  I would have to agree with that.  How about you?  Read his article for more.

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  1. This packs visual impact and sparks inner dialogue.

  2. I wanted to imagine the human faces as the Beatles... :-( "Rubber Soul"
    Clearly giving away my age!


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