Friday, August 26, 2016

In Progress

Taking a break from the brushwork pieces.  I have been working on something new, which came about after my recent studio clear-out.  Cleaning out gave me a clear picture of materials and supplies that are here.  For the background in this work, I pieced together strips of blues, which were mostly leftover from other quilt projects.  Smaller strips were appliqued on.

work in progress Linda A. Miller

I cut up an old art quilt ("Comfort Zone") that I was no longer happy with, in order to use the threadwork rectangles (made in much the same way as my thread bowls with yarn, thread, and bits of fabric sandwiched between sheets of water soluble stabilizer and stitched).

Comfort Zone Linda A. Miller

These rectangles were paired with a prayer flag weaving made several years ago.  The weaving consists of strips of decayed prayer flag from my yard and woven together with other fabric strips, embellished and embroidered.  (A side note that you may be unaware of... traditionally it is suggested old prayer flags not be thrown out but burned instead.)  All of these elements were appliqued to the background.  Yes, it is prayer flag imagery...

work in progress Linda A. Miller
Work in progress - detail

Embroidering is underway.  Still in progress, so stay tuned...

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Speaking of prayer flags, currently I am sharing weekly posts on my Bhavana Project site, revisiting our 2009 - 2013 Peace series.  Visit The Bhavana Project to learn more about this ongoing community prayer flag project.  New participants are always welcome!


  1. I love your new work in progress and it is special to use what you have. That adds a nice spiritual element to it.

  2. Looking forward to the results, Linda...and curious to see if a bit of blue will find its way into that woven flag... ;-)

  3. Love your work in progress. Love the idea of using what you have....


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