Thursday, November 19, 2015


My friend Terry and I love exploring the Huntington Library and Gardens.  It is always inspirational, and yesterday proved that.  It was a spectacular day for a visit, with bright fall warmth.  We first walked through the Desert garden, which neither of us had seen in a while.  So many wild textures...

Huntington Gardens

Huntington Gardens

Huntington Gardens

Then on to the Japanese and Chinese gardens... Fall was evident with turning ginkgo and maple leaves, and spent lotus ponds.

Huntington Gardens
Peaceful Zen garden

Lotus ponds....

Lizard warming itself on the rock...

Fall view of the lake

Linda Miller at Huntington Gardens
In the Bonsai court (with my new scarf)

"A World of Strangers: Crowds in American Art" exhibit at the Huntington Art Gallery was well worth viewing.   The unique collection of prints and photographs included artists John Baldessari, Walker Evans, Weegee and George Bellows, to name a few.  This exhibit runs through April 4, 2016.

Indeed a day of renewal!


  1. Love your photographs. You have an eye for beauty!

  2. I loved our day at the Huntington, Linda, and your photos are perfect. I found that my camera didn't take all the photos I thought it was taking… It was lying down on the job!

    1. Yet, you captured some wonderful shots!

  3. I love the varying textures. It must have been a wonderful time in the sun. We all need days of renewal!


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