Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stitching Isles

"Lavender Isles" is complete!  This quilt was long in process, however much of that time was spent with my favorite task of hand stitching.

Lavender Isles   © 2015 Linda A. Miller
Lavender Isles  
© 2015 Linda A. Miller

Lavender Isles (detail)   © 2015 Linda A. Miller
Lavender Isles (detail)  
© 2015 Linda A. Miller

Drawing from my stash, I bordered the image area with two different upholstery fabrics.  (Over the last year I set an intention to use what I have and not buy anything new when at all possible.)

This quilt was made using my shrinkage technique.  Shown below are some process shots, after shrinking....  You can see how puffy and loose the fabric becomes in areas with the least amount of quilting stitches.  I like the effect's sculptural feel.

Lavender Isles (detail)   © 2015 Linda A. Miller
After washing...

I worked the surface with more color using Inktense and Neocolor II water soluble pencils and crayons to deepen the color intensity.  My approach is intuitive... open to discovery, without a fixed plan as to where the piece should go.

Adding color

Added embroidery stitching to further enhance the textures... 

Adding stitching...

Hope you enjoyed the brief tour.  Let me know what you think....

(I will admit this is the first quilt to be finished this year.  I have been putting my hand to other projects, letting quilt ideas percolate.  It is good to start fresh.)

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