Monday, September 14, 2015

It Begins September 18th

My quilt "Engage" will be up for bid at the SAQA Auction in Group 4 on Friday, September 18th (Diamond Day, when all donated quilts can be bid on), and then available for purchase at the SAQA Booth at the International Quilt Festival - Houston (October 28 - November 1).

Engage by Linda A. Miller
Engage by Linda A. Miller 2014

I am thrilled this quilt will be going to Houston!  Attending the IQF?  Be sure to check out all the Auction quilts at the SAQA booth.  Here are four more wonderful works in this varied group:

Sherry Kleinman - Seagull Sunset

Teresa Shippy - Cool Daze Ahead

Karen Schulz - Wither Thou Goest

Jenny K. Lyon - Reminisce


  1. Hi Linda
    I will look for it in Houston.

  2. Very nicely composed. And I like how the black and white plays with the blue and red.


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