Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Comings and Goings

Taking a much needed break from a consuming project to write this post.  The news is... I am creating a new website! Yes, I have finally taken the step to move to Word Press after much hemming, hawing and delaying, knowing this would not be a quick process. Those of you with websites will understand.  The past few months have been about preparing text and photos, deciding on the look, the template, etc.  Even with following a tutorial, there are frustrations at roadblocks.  However, now that I am seeing the actual pages, I can say it was worth the effort.  I am learning a lot.  The writing is also a good time for reassessing art/work priorities, which can be very revealing.  I will make an announcement when the site is published.  Stay tuned!

felted feelie heart
A felted feelie heart...

Following along with last week's post about stitching with purpose, let me share "Feelie Hearts" with you.   I first learned about the hearts in the wonderful Rachel Naomi Remen's "My Grandfather's Blessings".  Bridges, a bereavement center in Washington, gives the hearts to children who have been touched by death.  These tactile hearts are small enough to be carried around, providing comfort.  I loved the idea, and have recently made my own hearts to give to loved ones for condolence gifts.  A sweet and simple way to share your heart.

Green beans!

It is summer and my garden is going strong.  In early July I planted green beans for the first time.. and WOW did they take off!  The vines seemed grow inches overnight.  So thrilled to watch the blossoms grow into beans.  The essence of life...

Green beans!
Green beans!

My cat Maya is settling in.  Though still shying away from touching, after almost 6 months, she will play with me now.  She is quite a sweet one.  Patience is still a key word.

Maya the cat

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