Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Returning Grace

Shining Grace © 2014 Linda A. Miller
Shining Grace - 24" x 18"
© 2014 Linda A. Miller

"Shining Grace" has returned from exhibition touring with Appearances - Quilts on the Wall Artists.  Quiltfest Oasis Palm Springs and Glendale Quilt Show were among the venues showing this special exhibit during this past year.  Nice to have it back!

Briefly about the quilt creation process... employing my shrinkage technique, the magenta/purple section was quilted, washed and dried to develop earthy texture.  The sky area was assembled from a mixture of prints to which I ironed a fusible web (Wonder Under is my preference) to the fabric back. Cutting the cloth into strips, I wove them together.  This weave was ironed to the batting, joined to earth section, and stitched down.  Applique (sun and undulating strips for the land), couching yarn and applying oil sticks followed.  Final hand embroidery stitches were added. 



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