Friday, May 22, 2015


Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened, 
but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own pace, 
like a clock during a thunderstorm.
-Robert Louis Stevenson

OK, I admit to not working on a quilt for some months.  With navigating waters in how to build up health, my focus has been on smaller projects... knitting, prayer flags.  Now that energy is improving, I find I still enjoy the quiet of handwork. 

Lace scarf knitting on delicious Juniper Moon yarn with Motheye pattern from Knitspot .

scarf in progress
Scarf in progress

Back to quilt in progress ... adding more embroidery and paint to a water landscape.

WIP - Linda A Miller

The new set from the Bhavana Project prayer flags is underway... this project is about sharing goodness with others.  Judy Warner just finished her beautiful flag "Beatha".  Read more on Judy's blog about her process.  10 more flags will be added to this set.  Join us!

Bhavana Project prayer flags
Bhavana Project flags

Linking to Off the Wall Fridays.  See what others are creating!


  1. Oh, Linda. I can so relate to the peace of handwork. I have no doubt that quilts will return for both of us and be stronger than ever. Glad you are taking care of yourself!

  2. love the texture on your quilt. Hope you feel well.

  3. There's nothing like the quiet of handwork to revitalize the soul. Love the yarn for the scarf!


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