Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Visions on Fiber

On Saturday, Quilts on the Wall held the July meeting at Visions Art Museum in the Liberty Station area of San Diego.  After museum Director, Beth Smith, spoke about Vision's background history, we were treated to a tour by Lisa Yoder of the current exhibit: American Tapestry Alliance Biennial 10.  It was fascinating to learn more about tapestry while seeing this unique collection of contemporary works by international artists.  Slow art is indeed a term that fits this art form, where even a small work can take much time and planning. Quilting is speedy by comparison.

I was intrigued by the delicate imagery in "The Land Gives Us" by Clare Coyle.  Christine Rivers' "North Coast Reflections" beautifully portrayed a moment in time.  Rebecca Mezoff's "Emergence VII" was most striking.  Anna Kocherovsky's "Wishing Well" intricate work drew me in.  Though no photographs were allowed, you can see the full show on Rebecca Mezoff's blog post.  She was not only one of the artists, but also Biennial co-chair with Michael Rohde.

Also on view were exhibits: Fugitive Pieces with unique dyed quilts by Elin Noble; An Alaskan Perspective by Ree Nancarrow.  All these exhibits close this Sunday July 20th.  Lots more coming August 1st, with Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Deidre Adams.

Another note about tapestry- now on view at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh from July 1- September 13, 2014 is the 160 panel Great Tapestry of Scotland, stitched by contemporary groups depicting the history of Scotland.  This is the longest embroidered tapestry in world at 143 meters long. 

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