Friday, June 28, 2013

Experimental Bowls

I have added a new element into the mix for my fiber bowls, by trying wool roving in place of the lint.  The color works out particularly well with the heart theme.  One thing I have discovered is that the roving doesn't mold as easily as does the lint base.  Yet, I like the airy quality that the yarn brings to the finished piece.  For the hearts, I cut out fabric which gets stitched over as per usual.  To see a past tutorial on bowls click here.  We will see where this process leads...

three fiber bowls of yellow threads with red roving or gray lint
Thread and Yarn Bowls by Linda A. Miller

3 fiber bowls with yellow threads red heart red roving and gray lint
Thread and Yarn Bowls by Linda A. Miller
These two bowls are now available in my Etsy shop...  Where I am celebrating my 1st year anniversary!  Use coupon code ANNIVERSARY1 for 20% discount (expires 07/12/13).

Thread bowl with yellow threads red heart gray lint background base
Thread Bowl with Red Heart

Yellow thread  bowl with red heart and red yarn roving base
Thread and Wool Bowl with Red Heart

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

TAFA's Force

Readers of this blog have seen TAFA and its members mentioned in my posts.  The Textile and Fiber Arts List is a community of entrepreneurs grounded in textile and fiber art products and traditions.  Rachel Biel , the tireless motivational force behind TAFA, is an artist and business woman in her own right.  It is her vision of community that brought TAFA into being, developing into the international organization (44 countries to date) that it now is.  In a recent interview by Barbara Harms, Rachel said "My mantra has been Together we can do great things."  To learn more about Rachel's background and her vision for TAFA's future, I encourage you to read this excellent interview.

I appreciate the support within TAFA, thanks to Rachel's efforts.  Over the past few years I have made connections with other members, and I look forward to growing along with TAFA in the future. Check us out by visiting the TAFA website!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Now Available on Galleribba

undulating gray blue purple landscape with white moon
Striated Gray © 2013 Linda A. Miller

In May I joined the online gallery, galleribba, offering small works (no larger than 12") for your wall.  galleribba has grown to 39 international artists working in a variety of styles and techniques.  Some of the wonderful artists include Cas Holmes, Linda Colsh, Jette Clover, Uta Lenk, and  Wen Redmond... with so many more to see and enjoy.  I invite you to explore the site for yourself. 

I have added new work available for sale:  "Striated Gray", "Striated Orange", "Opening 3".  Please visit my page to learn more.

orange purple landscape quilt with yellow sun, undulating lines
Striated Orange © 2013 Linda A. Miller

Friday, June 21, 2013

Solstice of Light

Sun quilt with red yellow pink lavender turquoise atmosphere
Heart Broken Open  - 18" x 19.5"
© 2010 Linda A. Miller

Awake, my dear, 
be kind to your sleeping heart
Take it out to the vast field of light 
and let it breathe.
- Hafiz

Ah!  Reminders of summer on this solstice day.  Sharing with you "Heart Broken Open", which seemed fitting for the season. From 2010, this is a whole cloth quilt; techniques include: dye painted, potato resist, water color pencils, machine quilted, hand embroidered.

Summer blueberries in my garden!

I was honored to be this week's featured blogger on Nanci Hersh's Artist as Collector series.  Many thanks to Nanci for the opportunity!  I wrote about my appreciation of mola textiles, the art form by the Kuna artisans of the San Blas islands.   As a postscript, I have since learned that the islands are threatened with rising waters, and the Kuna must relocate to other areas such as Costa Rica.  What this will mean to the culture of the Kuna we can only guess.  Heartbreaking.

textile bird on black with green orange and blue lines
Mola Textile circa 1980

Thanks to American Viniyoga Institute for the reminder of the beautiful Hafiz quote. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Off the Wall Striations

undulating gray blue purple landscape with white moon
 Striated Gray © 2013 Linda A. Miller

Another mini quilt, begun for last month's SAQA demo, is completed.  "Striated Gray", 9" x 7", is whole cloth hand dye cotton that was machine quilted and shrunk for texture.  Techniques include- painting with water soluble pencil & fabric paint, applique, foil embellishment, various yarns hand/machine couched, and hand embroidery.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Exhibit Jurying Process

The June SAQA Mentorship call was presented by Leni Levenson Wiener.  It was an excellent overview covering all facets of the exhibit process.  A valuable checklist was provided for deciding what exhibits are appropriate, including theme, timeline, juror, and exhibit history.  Leni stressed the importance of carefully reading the entry checklist and having professional quality photographs for presentation.  Planning is important.  Did you know that 50% of entries to SAQA exhibits come in during the last 24 hours?!  

Leni differentiated between the curator and the juror.  The curator is the project manager who works with the juror, artists and venue from the exhibit's inception to close.  (SAQA has a curator in training program for all interested members.)  The juror(s) is/are responsible for choosing the art while keeping the theme and vision of the exhibit in mind. 

SAQA carefully considers what will be a good venue.  It is seeking to bring more artwork to museums, so the needs of those venues is taken into consideration.  Museums like compelling themes.  The educational aspect is also important, since museums often apply for grants for exhibits.  It is the venue that generally decides on the number of pieces based on gallery space.  Look for more size requirements in future SAQA exhibits as the uniformity makes for a striking presentation.  Did you know that SAQA allocates specific containers for the run of the exhibits?  That can also dictate the size requirement.

Thank you to the SAQA Education Committee for this valuable presentation.  Missed it and a SAQA member?  Ever wonder why your work did not make it into an exhibit?  I encourage you to listen to the replay on the website in the near future.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Synchronous Connections

lotus pond

I was invited by my friend, Elizabeth, to go to her friend's art reception at the Audubon Center at Debs Park.  What a hidden treasure the site is.  To think I have driven by on the freeway all these years and never known of its existence.  The hills have lovely walking trails and secluded resting areas overlooking North L.A.  It is alive with the songs of birds.

grape arbor

Presented by the Arroyo Arts Collective, Birds of a Feather exhibits the work of five artists on the topic of birds.  Artists include: Kay Brown (prints), Inka Bujalska & Rachel Siegel (card birdhouses), Jeanie Frias (mixed media), Suzanne Siegel (collage and mixed media).  It is a wonderful intimate exhibit with unexpected delights.  The exhibit runs through August 31, Tuesday - Saturday 9am to 5pm.  Center address: 4700 N. Griffin Avenue, Los Angeles 90031.

The synchronicity of the day was discovering that Suzanne Siegel and I had both been a part of the 1978 UCLA Graphic Work Shop print exhibition.  She was completing her graduate studies,while I was an undergraduate.  What a small world, to reconnect again after all these years through a mutual friend.  Also made some new connections with the possibility to do some printmaking again.  Just goes to show you never know what the day will bring....

Friday, June 7, 2013

Off the Wall Minis

Two mini quilts that were begun for last month's SAQA demo are completed.  "Striated Orange", 9" x 7", is whole cloth cotton that was machine quilted and shrunk for texture.  Techniques include- oil stick embellishment, applique, various yarns hand/machine couched, and hand embroidery.

orange purple landscape quilt with yellow sun, undulating lines
Striated Orange © 2013 Linda A. Miller

"Opening 3", 9" x 6", is whole cloth cotton hand dye that was also shrunk for texture.  Techniques include- various yarns hand/machine couched, and hand embroidery.

magenta quilt with black -white vertical undulating line, embroidery
Opening 3 © 2013 Linda A. Miller

I am linking to Off the Wall Fridays.  Visit to see what others are up to.  What are you working on?


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