Thursday, July 19, 2012

On (and Off) the Needles

Sharing some of my latest projects with progress, an entrelac scarf.  A friend was knitting this lovely pattern and enjoying the technique.  I had been a bit put off by entrelac, thinking it too time consuming, or something, to start.  I couldn't have been more wrong...took to it quickly after watching a very helpful  YouTube tutorial from Very Pink.  I decided to go ahead with this free pattern for the scarf from Allison LoCicero of Freckles and Purls.  It is fabulously fun!  I am using Mochi Plus yarn, which is super soft and has the colors my recipient loves.  Try it out!

Last month I made another pair of  Ann Budd's Seduction Socks for my friend.  I used a multicolored cotton in colors Elizabeth wears (yes, I know the strand pattern hides the wonderful lacework, but oh well!).  Lacework is so satisfying to knit. Elizabeth is loving them now!


  1. Love the scarf, Linda. All those pinks are yummy. Knitting was my first "needle" love, and I try to do something every year. Lately, mostly scarves, but I've done some crazy big sweater coats in the past. The entrelac is something I've only done in a class sampler, but it was great fun.

  2. Thanks for the link to the You-tube video. My own entrelac scarf has been stalled for some time because it has seemed to labour-intensive. I'll now try again!

  3. Would love to see some of those sweater coats, Cheryl! You are welcome, Margaret, for the link. She made it so easy to now the technique flows!


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