Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Processes

In progress detail - Linda A Miller

A new ink drawing piece is in process.  Originally intended as a smaller quilt, it has grown to medium size. I am taking the time with the hand quilting and embroidery now. The slow hands on work suits me. As with previous pieces, this drawing was painted on the cotton center section.  Then the borders were machine pieced.  Who knew that I would become so caught up in the black and white theme that began earlier this year?  I am loving the simplicity.

On another note, I just finished reading "Fire Monks" by Colleen Morton Busch, written about the 2008 California wildfires that swept through the Tassajara Zen Center.  An excellent read.  Timely in light of the fires now burning in Colorado, New Mexico and other areas,  one coming close to the Shambhala Mountain Center.  May everyone near all these fires be safe. 


  1. There is indeed something particularly captivating about a piece in black and white, with just a touch of red. Lovely series, Linda!

  2. Thanks so much, Margaret!

  3. These pieces really appeal to me, Linda. Viewing them is a great start to my day.


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