Monday, May 21, 2012

Hangar Opening

With Fluid Fissure (top) and Fluid Fissure 3 (bottom)

There was great a turnout on Saturday for the Quilts on the Wall opening at the Hangar Gallery.  A number of other artists had openings that night, which helped bring in a variety of art appreciating visitors to view the wide ranging exhibit offerings. 

Carol absorbed in viewing

Elizabeth and I

Elizabeth, Dennis and I

I was happy to have friends and family in attendance throughout the evening to celebrate with me.  

Family friend, Madeline, 95, enjoyed herself.

Sherry Kleinman's photo gives a good view of hallways.

The exhibit was well coordinated by Deborah Weir , Annette Guerrero, and Susan Willen for QOTW, partnering quilts in such a way to create flow and balance.  The long wide hallway provides space, along with good lighting, for proper viewing.  

The Santa Monica Art Studios Hangar Gallery, across from the Santa Monica private airport, utilizes hallways along with several other areas for gallery spaces in a building mostly used as artist studios.  The building has high ceilings in what used to formerly be an airport hangar. 

Talking with Grace
With fellow artists, Sherry Kleinman and Julie Schleuter
Missed it?  You can still have time to see the exhibit until June 16th at the Santa Monica Studios Hangar Gallery, 3026 Airport Ave., Santa Monica 90405.  Regular gallery hours are Wednesdays - Saturdays noon-6 pm.


  1. Congratulations, Linda. Wish I could see the gallery in person!


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