Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Upon Us

The garden is blossoming...despite the up and down in the range of temperatures recently.  And soon it will be spring...my favorite season!   Energy begins to expand.  I am so grateful for it!

The change in season brings with it new projects.  I am stitching ...beginning to hand quilt a black and white ink piece that is related to a recently completed quilt ( that I cannot reveal yet).  I enjoy the quiet needlework of hand quilting..stitch by stitch, keeping me present.  I find I tend to jump ahead of myself much more when I machine quilt.  It is such a different experience.  How do you respond to hand v. machine work?

Interesting newsletter today by Robert Genn on Strategic Patience, letting time tell...yet pausing to consider what we are doing now that will affect the future.  All good reminders, check it out.  

Follow this link to see the just completed 9th flag in the Bhavana Project's peace set.


  1. Lovely garden photos, Linda. Just a note: where you live, it's called 'Spring'. Here, where I live, those plants don't happen till Summer. :-)

  2. Yes, Margaret, it is spring in So CA... sharing some of with you until your area warms up, too!


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