Monday, January 16, 2012

Seasons in the Garden

Enjoying the time in my much neglected garden.  I like this time of year, though spring is by far my favorite.  This week I pruned roses and other hedges, a job I find very satisfying knowing it will prepare for new growth.  Though a number of plants are dormant right now, we in SoCal are blessed with so much in full bloom. There is the balance of stark orderliness and abundant growth.  What is your favorite season?

What a joyous discovery in this bloom!

Look at the delicate colors...

Jade plants in full glory

Elegant orchids

And more to burst forth...

The last of the roses...

Heart Geranium given to me by my sister...

Seasons come and go as life cycles on.  Recently I had tea with dear friends who I have known since I was 5.  The guest of honor was Madeline, my friend Elizabeth's mother, who is 90+ and sharp in mind.  Maddie is still in the old neighborhood, one of the last from my growing up years.  I can remember playing in that house as a child.  It was a lovely afternoon reminiscing over photos.  The visit fulfilled the intention of livening up Madeline's day!

Chris, Madeline and Rosemary

Tina and Evelyn

Elizabeth and Rosemary
Life has such heartbreaking sweet moments!


  1. Your garden is beautiful, Linda! Another 5 or 6 weeks before I can plan what I want to start indoors for mine. My favourite season? All but winter, and even then, I enjoy a moderate winter; it's the deep freezes and short days that are tough.

  2. Hi, Linda. Well, I love succulents and I recently posted about jade plants as well! You're garden is beautiful!
    best, nadia


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