Tuesday, November 29, 2011

House Quilt Project

This week I completed a 12" x 16" piece for the House Quilt Project  , organized by artist, Jamie Fingal.  This project assists the Wounded Warrior program and  Furnishing Hope, by working with designers to create interior rooms and entire houses to help those in need.   They furnish four homes a month, sometimes with only a weeks notice, for wounded US Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  It was very satisfying to work on something different that will give back to the community.  May the art help the healing process and bring some enjoyment to those who have sacrificed so much.  
Jamie is always looking for more contributors, so if you are interested, follow the links above and read on.


  1. Cute house! I would have to see if they do this for Canadian soldiers...

  2. There must be some similar project there, don't you think??


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