Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unwinding and Staying Present

With the exhibit behind me, I am back to completing a gift bed quilt (which I have been be posted at a later date).  I am not used to working in such a large size anymore, and the challenge comes now that I am in the quilting phase since I do use a long arm machine.  I did consider taking it to a long arm quilter, but decided to do the work myself this time.  Mainly the challenge is how not to stress my body and reactivate upper back issues.  It has been a process of mindfulness.  And how interesting to observe....staying present, watching and correcting tense body positions, taking breaks, remembering to breathe, and doing a lot of yoga asana to counterbalance the sewing!  I found when I got in the mindset of "needing" to finish a section, that tension was mounting and it was time to get up from the machine for a while. Know the feeling??  I am enjoying the process more, now that I am not pushing to finish.  And my body appreciates the gentleness.

On another note, here are some photos for your enjoyment from a visit to the San Diego Botanical Garden on Sunday. 


  1. What fabulously wild textures in that third photo down! I know what you mean about quilting a large quilt on a regular machine. It can ruin you for a while if you aren't careful. I just basted a new machine quilted piece today, but it is on the medium side, so "shouldn't" stress me too badly. Look forward to seeing your quilt!

  2. Amazing the textures in nature...will keep you posted about the quilt in progress, Cheryl.

  3. Andi Perejda18.7.11

    Succulents are just amazing, aren't they?! Thanks for the photos.


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