Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flags in the Community

Today I came across another fiber artist inspired to start a prayer flag project.  Her name is Vivika DeNegre.  It is wonderful to see the direction someone else has taken with flags as a healing vehicle. Sharing through this creative form can be very uplifting.   I find Vivika's flags have a delicacy, yet make powerful statements.  

So while waiting for Anne to work on her flag in my current Bhavana Project flags, I am considering contributing to Vivika's project.

Below is my 2009 flag on Reflections on Peace.  The words are: "May we be protected and nourished. May the work we do together flourish with energy, clarity, and friendship. Peace, Peace, Peace"

Bhavana Project, Set 3,  2009

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  1. Yes, Peace, and I look forward to you "Praying Along" in my project as well- V


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