Thursday, March 24, 2011


I took a fabulous lamination workshop with Deborah Weir yesterday.  We laminated papers, photocopied images and more to fabric.  Once the fabric was dry, we worked into them to with color, pens, crayons and more to begin to integrate the images.  A very fun and intriguing process.  And among companionable friends, old and new.  Check out Deborah's blog for a slide show of our enjoyable day.  Below is a detail of one of my in process laminations....more to follow at a later date as I continue with this.

Meanwhile Photoshop Elements continues on with the Pixel Ladies...and I am learning so much!  Deb and Kris present the material in a very approachable way.   Did I mention it is geared towards quilters and fabric artists?  I feel I have a much better understanding of the software, and we are only halfway through the course.  This has meant, however, that I have been on the computer more than usual.   That is why it was great to do hand work this week in Deborah's workshop for a change of pace. 


  1. Photoshop Elements, eh? D'you mean they teach it in such a way as their students don't doze off from sheer boredom? (This has been my problem with a PE class online in the past. Reading the material was just so boring!)

  2. Yes, I am finding it fun...we play with paper dolls! I have added so much to my skill level thus far. Heard they may repeat this course mid year.


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