Monday, March 7, 2011

Button Flag

This week for my Bhavana Project post, I feature the contribution from Washington resident, Virginia Wise.  A simple design packed with a depth of meaning.

Virginia wrote: "..there are chakras, to me representing wholeness and balance but also I want to tell you about the buttons.  A native American friend died and I went to his 2-day service during the time I had the flags.  The mother of the deceased was gifted a blanket at the service from a 95 year old elder... It was decorated in a traditional way with buttons--many many buttons carefully and precisely sewn onto the blanket by her nearly 100 yr old hands.  So the button blanket is a tradition among some tribes in this area... I felt drawn to connecting the traditions of India Indians with American Indians with a prayer that we all know and honor our oneness and that our native people here be restored to wholeness and balance from the terrible destruction the whites inflicted upon them. Thanks for the chance to express."

 Thank you, Virginia!

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