Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sketchbook Completed

"Wonder"- teabag collage
My book is done and ready to ship back for the Sketchbook Project.  I have some reluctance in letting it go, but that was part of the deal from the start.  My sketchbooks are not usually for the public eye, but are rather personal idea playgrounds.  This is a good lesson in letting go and sharing.  The book will be a part of the national tour, then housed at the Brooklyn Art Library for people to check out and peruse.  I find that a terrific concept.  We had the option to be given a theme, or to choose our own from a list.  I opted for "In 5 Minutes".  Shown here are my painted & printed cover, along with a selection of some favorite pages.  There are more on my Flickr page.
I have to agree with Joanell Connolly, that I would change the paper if I were to do it again, as it did not hold up well to watercolor or mediums.  It was a push to finish up.  Check out Joanell's fun pages!

"Delicate" - teabag collage

With that project done (whew!), I can begin to clean up, clean out and prepare for this new year.


  1. is a good exercise in letting go. I have been procrastinating. If I look closely, I can see my Inner Critic gloating; she's been trying to tell me that my humble efforts aren't enough. (Good enough, that is.) And there's my word for 2011 -- enough. What I told myself I was. Am. And so...This weekend I'm going to get back to my sketchbook, and get it out the door by the 15th!!

    Thanks, Linda!!

  2. What a good word, Margaret! How wonderful when we can truly accept who we are!

  3. I liked looking at your sketchbook pages. I've kept them in the past but can't seem to get in the mood these days. I know what you mean, it's hard to share sketches that are not usually for the public eye.

  4. Thanks for looking, Cindy!


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