Thursday, May 4, 2017

Focus and Process

Silence is the ocean of the unsaid, the unspeakable, the repressed, the erased, the unheard.
~ Rebecca Solnit

I have, for the most part, been enjoying the quiet focus of art making.  Here is what I've been up to...  

I wanted to add my voice to the call for Threads of Resistance, an exhibition of work created to protest the current administration’s actions and policies.  As an artist I choose to express my concerns through my work by showing what I support.  Over the months, the word “kindness” kept bubbling up in my consciousness. It became a gentle reminder to slow down when challenges surfaced.  Kindness is needed at this time, for us and for the earth. Kindness became the starting point for this piece. 

I used similar techniques to my Sonata series with ink work, applique, and lots of hand stitching.

With "Kindness" completed, I still had about 10 days before the entry deadline. I decided to make one more quilt.  It was a very focused and purposeful week!  The process was smoother than with the first quilt (no critic acting up).

The idea for "Respect" is linked to the basic tenet of the Women’s March on Washington: Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights.  I feel the same could be applied to respect, that all beings deserve equal consideration. May we meet each other with mutual respect.

Both quilts are entered.  I accomplished what I set out to do by choosing not to be silent, and I am happy with the effort, regardless if the work is chosen.  Now it is up to the jurors.  I just learned that there were over 500 entries!  This was an avenue for many voices to share their concerns.  It is going to be an interesting show. 

More words by Rebecca Solnit from her essay A Short History of Silence: "Silence is the ocean of the unsaid, the unspeakable, the repressed, the erased, the unheard.  It surrounds the scattered islands made up of those allowed to speak and of what can be said and who listens.  Silence occurs in many ways for many reasons; each of us has his or her own sea of unspoken words."



  1. Both works express perfect statements for this time in history. Good jobs.

  2. I love both your work and your purpose. All the best with the exhibition Linda.

  3. Linda, I love the approach you have taken to entering the Call. Both works are beautiful in message and rendition. Best of luck!


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