Wednesday, October 26, 2016


work in progress Linda A. Miller

I have been neglecting this blog.  I am still working on this piece.  With most embroidery complete, I finally adhered the back to the quilt (which I prefer to do after handwork).  I was so tired that I ironed the Wonder Under to front side of the backing fabric... that was a first!  Fortunately I had enough of both to redo it.  Will use the mistake somewhere else.  Stay tuned.

crochet owls

Sharing these crochet Amigurumi owls that I made as baby gifts early in the summer.  Free patterns here and here.  A fun project!

Now, I admit the garden has been taking much of my attention and energy these days.  The revitalized bed pictured below is now thriving.  I am enjoying fresh herbs, kale and beet greens.  The roses are about to bloom again.  Bulbs are coming up (covered by protective cages against digging-acorn-burying squirrels).  The recent heatwave may have confused the bulbs into thinking spring arrived.


Ah kale!


You may recall, this is how the bed looked last month when first planted....


More beets...


Today's squirrel holes...

Squirrel holes

The digging (by me and the squirrels), along with transitioning continues in other areas of the yard....

Meanwhile, Maya finds sun where she can....

Maya cat

Monday, October 10, 2016

Mark on the Body

Mark on the Body by G. Margaret Blank
Mark on the Body by G. Margaret Blank

Margaret Blank, my friend from SAQA's Visioning project, has created a unique exhibit opening October 20, 2016 in Lacombe, Canada.  Her late husband lived with Type 1 Diabetes.  After his death, Margaret got to thinking about the impact of the disease and how many injections would have been taken over a lifetime.  She "did the math", and decided to "express the impact of  T1D in stitch" to raise awareness about the disease and those affected by it.

The installation grew into three parts.  First is a foundation body piece created by Margaret with stitches representing all the pin pricks.  Margaret invited others to participate in a second adjunct by stitching on a small square of fabric that she provided.  (You may remember last year's post about participating.)  These squares were to be assembled into an additional figure for the exhibit.  For a third adjunct, Margaret invited knitters to knit stump socks.

Margaret chronicled the journey in her self published book that will accompany the installation.  View the book on Blurb.  Proceeds to benefit Type 1 Diabetes organizations.

The exhibit runs October 20 - November 17, 2016 at the Lacombe Memorial Centre, Lacombe, Alberta. There will be an opening reception on Wednesday, October 26th.

Well done, Margaret!

I invite you to follow the links above to learn more about Margaret and the project.


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