Thursday, June 23, 2016

Of Interest

Deborah Weir's  Chroma Series
Deborah Weir talks about the Chroma Series

A small group of us had the opportunity to hear Deborah Weir's walk through of her current exhibit.  Deborah constantly pushes the boundaries of fiber and mixed media in her work. This exhibit shows the range of her expertise, including the amazing Chroma series with 8 large panels depicting meaning and qualities of each chosen color. Loved hearing about Deborah's thought process. 

Deborah Weir's  Chroma Series - Red
Deborah Weir's  Chroma Series - Red

Thank you to Deborah, who is always generous with sharing her process.  Thanks also to our regional SAQA reps, Jamie Fingal and Laura Bisagna, for organizing this talk.  The exhibit runs through June 29th in the central atrium of the Albert Jewish Community Center, 3801 E. Willow, Long Beach 90815.

Deborah Weir's  artwork

Deborah Weir's  artwork

Deborah Weir Suspension

Deborah Weir Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Ladder


  1. Thanks so much for the nice visuals here and for coming out to the walk through!

  2. Great having you at the event. Thanks!


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