Friday, May 6, 2016


Unsung aloneness is where your process is permitted to take root and grow, unfettered by outside influences. Let your skill, style and work develop over time in the company of your cold, hard grit.
~ Sara Genn

Sonata 12  by Linda A. Miller
Sonata 12

Sonata series continues.  Yet lately I am distracting myself away from digging deeper in the process.  One moment I am with the work, the next I find myself on a different project, checking email, or making a snack.  Sound familiar?  There is more to explore here if I stay with it.

An interesting Painters Keys post from Sara Genn this week on the subject of introverts.  I am one, and can relate especially with this line:  "I need to be quiet to be creative".  Love my solitude.. all in balance of course.  How about you?

Sharing some photos from a recent contemplative Creativity Lab... my favorite ongoing gatherings which link meditation and creative process.  Not focused on product, each month's class explores a different medium within meditative process.  Gestural calligraphy was the vehicle this time.  Obviously the ink painting has influenced my own creative work....

Creativity Lab
Creativity Lab

Creativity Lab
3 person gesture drawing

Creativity Lab
My gesture drawing

 Linking to Off the Wall Fridays.  Enjoy the offerings.... 


  1. I'm enjoying your Sonata series as you expand your color choices and your designs. They stay peaceful even though they are getting more complex.

  2. Nice and clean! Did you paint the black on the white/light fabric? How did you quilt that portion?


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