Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Seeing the Light

Elemental:  Seeing the Light exhibit is on at the Sturt Haaga Gallery in Descanso Gardens through April 5, 2015.  The exhibition curatorial committee decided to highlight various elements that relate to the garden, the current one on light.  Light is considered to be "the most fundamental and pervasive" element, yet also "the one of which we may be the least conscious..."

The artwork includes photography, drawing, painting and sculpture from artists Larry Bell,  Heather Carson, Soojung Park... to name only a few.

I was taken with Nancy Turner-Smith's limited edition book "Falling Rockets, Shooting Stars and the Sound of Bees"  She combines ephemeral manipulated images with delicate line drawing and thoughtful writing.  Read more in this review or on her website.

Pamela Burgess' "Radiant Blue" (96" x 96" x 28") site specific chiffon tapestry installation with existing steel arbor is playful and wonderful. See more photos on her website, with the piece shown in top row.  How about those impromptu light effects I captured in the photo below!

Radiant Blue by Pamela Burgess 2014
Radiant Blue by Pamela Burgess 2014

The gallery opened in 2011, and was new to me.   I had not realized so much time had passed since the last visit to Descanso.  An interesting feature of the gallery building is its rooftop garden, although no access is allowed there.  

Rooftop garden...
Rooftop garden...

It was a lovely warm day.  As we walked around other areas of  the vast gardens, camellias were still in full  bloom. Signs of spring were beginning to appear with daffodil and cherry blossoms, plus sprouting hyacinths.  Too early yet for tulips, which are usually spring showpieces .  We enjoyed our day.

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