Friday, January 3, 2014

Stepping into 2014

"Art is a path on which we honour our world. Art may not be the only path, but it is a good path, even though at times a difficult one. As bearers of this honour, we artists do not need to simply render our world as we see it but as we might ourselves redesign it. As artists, one of our privileges is to invent. 'We are created creative and can invent new scenarios as frequently as they are needed.' (Maya Angelou) On our path, design is everywhere and invites the soul."  
- Robert Genn, newsletter excerpt "From My Window" January 2, 2014

Rose Garden- LA Natural History Museum December 2013
Rose Garden- LA Natural History Museum December 2013

Happy New Year, Friends!  I hope your holidays were lovely.  Moving into 2014, I have been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather with long walks, visits with friends and, per my previous post, taking in interesting exhibits.  The holiday actually ended up being low key and relaxing this year.  Even Rosie is doing better after health issues just before Christmas.  Relief!

In process with choosing (or allowing it to choose me) my intention word for the year.  It is percolating.... I find this to be a wonderful way to transition into the new year with clarity and kindness.  It is not about making a hard and fast resolution (that often falls apart shortly thereafter).  It is a word or phrase that works within... something to grow with.  Here is an interesting article on choosing an intention from Miriam Hall.   

Sharing photos of a few gifts made and given- 
The dinosaur fabric for this quilt had been in my stash for years.  Great to finally assemble it for the right little boy.  This is a disappearing nine patch rendition.

Dinosaur Baby quilt
Dinosaur Baby quilt

Baby and quilt...

And his sister received this turtle bag-

Small Turtle Bag
Turtle Bag

A small pouch bag for my sister-

Small Quilted Purse
Small Quilted Purse

Linking to Off the Wall FridayRejoice in this new year of creative potential!

"What your heart thinks great is great. The soul's response is always right," 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Lovely thoughts, lovely gifts. Thank you.

    1. Thanks and Happy New Year, Margaret!

  2. I just love a red and white polka dot fabric!!
    Leeanna Paylor


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