Thursday, September 5, 2013

Grounded in Process

Grounded  © 2013 Linda A. Miller
Grounded   -  22" x 26.5"
© 2013 Linda A. Miller

With demos and workshop behind me by mid August, I was inspired to pick up several pieces that had been hanging out on the design wall.  Pleased to report "Grounded" is complete!  The center section, which has been shown here in numerous posts, is a whole cloth hand dye that was quilted, shrunk, appliqued and embellished with paint, couching and hand embroidery.  More about the shrinking technique here.  I had been slowly working on the cloth over several years... you know the routine: work, put it up on the design wall, work on it some more, and back to design wall.  I was enjoying the slow embroidery process with no goal in mind, stitching in between other projects or for my demos.

The piece had reached a resolution point. How to finish was the next question... it let me know what was needed.  My meditation zafu and pad are in my workroom.  The pad is purple and about the right size to audition the color.  As soon as I laid out the turquoise cloth on the pad, the direction was clear.  Serendipitous!?

Grounded (details) by Linda A Miller
Grounded details

Using solids and one subtle varigated batik from my stash I created a backdrop quilt.  The turquoise section was hand appliqued, leaving raw edges, to the background quilt.  Touches of embroidered stitches were added on the purple integrate the story of the lines between center landscape and background.  I am intrigued by the map like image of this landscape. It begs to be seen up close.  I would love to hear your response.  My curiosity is sparked to continue to explore more in this direction...

Grounded (details) by Linda A Miller
More Grounded details

Meanwhile, another large striated WIP is underway.  This piece was begun for a challenge with specific sizes, but ended up shrinking more than expected and was never used.  Here is a detail with couching-

Linda A Miller quilt work in progress

I wanted to leave you with a link to David Limrite's recent blog post, Better Creating with Less Stress.  This post beautifully articulates part of the process I just experienced in completing "Grounded".  I think it is important to realize that you can learn to navigate the process of making your art by being open to the piece itself.  Enjoy your read!  You can subscribe to his newsletter while you are there, too.

Finally, I am linking to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Fridays.  Links will be available on Friday, so take a look at what the other artists are up to.


  1. "Grounded" is a fantastic work, Linda. To me it looks like an antique topographical map. Your technique is only superseded by your artistry.

  2. This one is a bit different than others I've seen from you...but clearly Spirit-led. :-) In my faith practice, we might call the selection of your background a 'God-incidence'. :-) Lovely piece!

    P.S. it is a comfort to me that you have some pieces you work "over several years"...

    1. Indeed...several years and longer!

  3. It is like a map and takes the eyes and mind on a journey. And I'm partial to the colors of this piece, too.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Regina!

  4. I am encouraged by the fact that your piece has taken several years to evolve. So often it seems we must hurry our process along.

  5. Some pieces will not be rushed!


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