Thursday, August 8, 2013

Viewing Art

Rodin at the Norton Simon Museum
Rodin at the Norton Simon Museum
Do you approach art viewing by seeking out information about the piece first, or do you move right to experiencing it?  Do you rely on external sources to guide how you see what you see?  How we engage with the art can be simple and direct.  Take a look at this video from a talk by Steven Saitzyk, Director of Shambhala Art,  on the process of contemplative viewing and what it is about... enjoy! 

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  1. Began to watch the video, and then realized how lengthy it is. Will save for a rainy day. :-) However, to answer the question, I tend to view the art first and then, if sufficiently intrigued, research the work and the artist. Don't think I've ever done it any other way.


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