Friday, May 3, 2013

Art and Tea

Thread Bowls © 2013 Linda A. Miller

A full week with final preparations for the artist showcase and tea event this Sunday, May 5th.  This idea grew out of the recent marketing workshop while reflecting on appropriate venues for my artwork.  In my eyes, smaller intimate gatherings in homes, for meeting new people and sharing, seems to suit the contemplative feel of my art work.  I am excited to see what develops!  Quilts, bowls, balls and cards are ready.  May it be a viable avenue for new discoveries.  Stay tuned, I will share it with you next week...

Fabric Balls

Considering the viability issue as an artist, here are some thoughts about the realities from others:  Ariane Mariane , Constance Rose   These links are well worth following and reading.

I am linking to Off the Wall Friday.  See what the others are up to.


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  1. Your three bowls are really beautiful. Wool is such an interesting fiber.


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