Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Art and Tea, Part 2

 What a delightful afternoon for my first Artist Showcase & Afternoon Tea on May 5th.  My sister, Karen McClune, graciously hosted this event in her home in the San Diego area, with about a dozen attending.  I made new friends and talked with old friends among a diverse group of remarkable women.  There were great conversations, new ideas and  intriguing questions.  It is wonderful to share about the creative journey.  The experience provided an opportunity for me to view my own work in a fresh way through another person's eyes.  Possibilities are born that were previously not seen.  It is gratifying to show the work and have it spark such interest. I can say it was fun day of art, food and discussion for all of us.

Here is how the day went...  with turning the living room into an art showcase.

Bhavana Project flags and fabric balls...
Displaying smaller items...

Thread bowls and cards

Mini quilt basket

Let us not forget the food.  Karen loves to bake, so we were treated to some of  her amazing creations... Friends also contributed home baked items and glorious flowers.

Karen's delicious scones!

Tea is served.

Talking about quilts and process...

Explaining options for hanging quilts...

Some of the goodies enjoyed.

Winding down...

I am so grateful for Karen's support, for the day would not have happened without her.  She is a warm hearted and generous hostess.  I am blessed with such a sister.  The day exceeded my expectations and surpassed my goals.  Learned much in preparing for future events, including how to better organize. A very good start, I would say.

My energy has been renewed.  Now catching up and unpacking.  Grateful to have the systems to organize my inventory, mailing list and more.  Thanks to the Art Marketing Bootcamp!


  1. What a great idea!

  2. Thank you for sharing your day, Linda. I was thinking of you and your Tea! What a special sister you have! Thanks Karen:) I have purchased Alyson Stanfield's book as I can't afford BootCamp just yet. I appreciate your recommendation! Onward we go in our creative pursuits. Best to you! deborah

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Linda!! You've given me an idea how to have an "open" studio...but with a certain amount of control over the afternoon. Much appreciated!

    P.S. So pleased it was a lovely time for you and all involved!

  4. What a wonderful idea of a venue, Linda. Reminds me of my friend, Ellen, who is a singer/songwriter. She often does house concerts and finds it a really great venue for her work.

    1. Judy- I had wanted to see your friend on her tour in LA, but the days did not work out. Next time....

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful day, Linda! And your pieces look fabulous on the walls.


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