Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Day at the Huntington

The Huntington Botanical Gardens were in bloom with summer energy.  The temperature was pleasant, happily without the usual summer heat .  We enjoyed the serenity of the Japanese garden watching swimming koi.  Amazing patterns created by nature....

Four koi swimming

The Chinese garden area also encouraged a contemplative mood, with its expansive lake and pavilions.  It is my favorite section, though some days it is hard to choose.  

Lotus garden

Lion dog statue
Lion Dog statue at Chinese Garden entrance

Lion dog decorative detailed back
Lion Dog details

Art was on offer in the galleries, too.  Currently showing at the Boone Gallery is an exquisite botanical drawing and print exhibition, "When They Were Wild: Recapturing California's Wildflower Heritage".  This is a collaborative project of the Huntington; Rancho Santa Anita Botanic Garden; and the Theodore Payne Foundation, including over 300 objects from the  archives of these foundations.  Prints that particularly caught my attention were those by Henry Evans, a prolific botanical illustrator and printmaker.    His work is refined, delicate and stunning.  Most impressive, and worth further research.  The exhibit has been extended until July 8.  

Ah!  What an inspiring day enjoying the company of friends, beauty of the gardens and the joy of art.  I am always revitalized by visits here.

"Making the print is a very selective process, a conscious effort to show the beauty and elegance of plant forms as an expression of my admiration for the wonders of life on this planet."
- Henry Evans, an excerpt from the artist's notebooks.

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