Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Worth Sharing

Getty Center Gardens 2013

Moving into the last few modules of Alyson Stanfield's Art Marketing Bootcamp, this week begins by setting up the strategy to use the materials gained from previous sessions.  Organizing my time in preparation for an upcoming Artist Showcase, I had already begun to implement just such a plan.  Just getting it down on paper helps me be clear and stay calmer!

Artist Showcase, you say??  Yes, I will be showing my work in a gathering in a private home...this idea grew out of  reflecting on possible exhibit venues.  An intimate gathering seemed ideal to be able to talk with people, and invite them to experience my work up close.  I am looking forward to the possibilities... so you see what I mean in needing to get organized.  Sunday is the deadline for RSVP's, which will tell if this first date is a definite go.  I will keep you posted.  Much to do!

 Here are some LINKS I wanted to pass along to you.  This one I have shared before, but is worth doing so again.   For those fiber artists who photograph their own work, take a look at Holly Knott's useful tutorial "Shoot that Quilt"  Great information! 

Also this this link came to me from a friend... a workshop on DIY Wordpress websites for Visual Artists taught by textile artist, Linda Matthews.  This begins May 6, 2013.  Looks very interesting.


  1. Have a great Artist's Showcase, Linda!

    I don't use Word Press (yet) but will check out that link.

    And be honest, now...Is Alyson as high-pressure-marketing/sales as she comes across, or is there room for quiet types to use her recommendations?

    1. Thank you...and in a word, yes, there is room for us quiet types.


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