Monday, April 8, 2013

What's In a Definition?

Over the past year, SAQA opened up discussions within the membership community in an effort to develop a simplified and broader definition of the art quilt.   Older wording had become cumbersome.  The newly revised statement reads:  "A creative visual work, layered and stitched, or references that form of stitched layered structure." 

I am excited about the new direction, and the possibilities it opens within the art world.  It certainly sparked interesting discussions.  A recent SAQA Mentorship call "Exploring SAQA's Art Quilt Definition" led by Linda Colsh and Kris Sazaki proved to be intriguing.  Numerous examples of exciting work were reviewed, created by artists who test the definition boundaries.  I leave it to you to make your own decisions if these are quilts or not.

Here is a selection of artists, whose work caught my attention:

Faith Ringgold  “Le CafĂ© des Artistes” & “Picasso’s Studio”

Sally Hewett  “Mistletoe Bottom”

Erin Endicott  “Healing Sutra #15”

Diane Savona  “Fossil Garment #2”

Kyoung Ae Cho"  “Diamond” “Connected” “InnerScape I”

And a link to slideshow of Fiber Philiadelphia's 2012 Outside/Inside the Box Exhibit

In the end, it will be up to exhibition curators to define what a quilt is, but the newly expanded parameters seem to be a step forward.

Sorry, I cannot provide a link to the mentorship call recording, however if you are a SAQA member you can find it in the Members section.

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  1. Great summary of the call, Linda. I was 'there' and took notes...but you've captured the essence of the lecture. Thanks! :-)


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