Saturday, April 27, 2013


"Never give up on your work. Give your work an opportunity to exist through your tenacity and perseverance."
- David Limrite

No posts this week until now... I have been steadily working to finish a piece for an exhibit with the entry deadline looming on 4/30.  Once the work was completed and ready for hanging, it then needed to be photographed and the statement written.  Down to the wire, you say?  Yes!  Normally I like to have a little more it goes when I delayed my start.  What a relief to be done!  It is out of my hands now and into the juror's.  Whatever the exhibit results are, I am well pleased with the quilt, and that I persevered, through all stages of  liking and not liking it, to meet the entry deadline with artwork that I am eager to share.  Sometimes deadlines can be a helpful motivation.  Would you agree?

This photo is mini sneak peek.  The full reveal will have to wait until after May 20th.

Thanks to David Limrite for the encouraging words about what it takes to be an can read more on his blog and subscribe to his newsletter.

Now on to the next project, organizing my work for the May 5th private showcase and tea event in North County San Diego.  (More on that in another post.)  I will also be doing a demo at the next regional SAQA meeting on May 18th.  Looking forward to a busy month.


  1. I like your statement about the fluctuating feelings one has as work evolves.

    1. And they do shift, don't they?!

  2. Absolutely need deadlines for paperwork at my day job, not a huge fan of them in the studio.


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