Thursday, April 11, 2013

Appreciating Process

I am grateful for this beautiful spring morning.  It has been windy the past few days creating showers of oak blossoms that waft in ocher waves across my garden.

Working on the 12th and final week's module about implementing Art Marketing Bootcamp lessons, I find that very first lesson of gratitude practice has provided a strong foundation.  I use it daily, especially on days I may not feel particularly appreciative.  I recommend this workshop to any artist considering developing their marketing skills.  I say this as the introvert that I am.  The material will be providing me with resources for a long time to come.  I have gained new systems to make my life easier.  Isn't it wonderful to have so many options, online and off, for organizing our life?!  I have been updating my GYST databases (art inventory and mail list), accounting systems and more.  All this to provide more time to create.   What systems do you find useful?

Here is an inspiring TED talk by Susan Cain, author "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking".  Cain's book was recommended by Alyson Stanfield.  After watching the talk, the book is on my to order list.

Thank you, Alyson Stanfield, for the reminder in this last module to take time to refresh and play.  I have not been doing enough of that lately!  Thank you to my fellow Bootcamp members, our Facebook group has been very supportive, even if we have not directly connected.

As things settle and I integrate the material in my art business, I will continue to share the process with you, dear readers.  It truly is about taking what is given and making it your own.


  1. Glad that the class worked for you, Linda. I saw Susan Cain speak last year and enjoyed her tremendously.

  2. I will have to watch the video-I enjoyed the book! It is funny how I said to myself 'the class is over', but I didn't feel like it was over-and it isn't!I have learned a lot.

  3. Hi, Linda. Your art marketing class sounds like an excellent one to take. If I were younger, I'd definitely sign up. As things stand now, leave me alone--I have so much (art) work to get done...which is why the TED talk was so good to listen to. I love to be alone, as I suspect you do, too.
    best, nadia

    1. Hi Nadia, The priority is still to create art, even with the marketing class. Yes, I love solitude!


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