Thursday, March 21, 2013

Netting the Resources

As you well know, there is an abundance of online resource material in every nameable subject, including art.  Like many of you, I subscribe to e-newsletters.  Robert Genn's twice weekly Painters Keys is one such letter that I have often shared with you.

Recently recommended by friend Sherry Kleinman, is David Limrite's (artist, mentor and coach) All Access Creativity Pass.  Sherry has studied with him for many years and has always spoken very highly of her teacher.  I have been finding the newsletters about creative process interesting and helpful.  Limrite offers subscribers a list of suggestions to becoming a more productive artist.  Among the suggestions is to not fall in love with, or hate your piece too quickly...that advice is a gem for me!  How often I have gotten stuck in (a) not wanting to "ruin" the loved piece, or (b) finding the "hated" piece was not worth continuing with!  I have already applied these two suggestions and find is supports my productivity.

What newsletters do you follow?  Please share them with us!

SAQA members have a Yahoo Group for sharing thoughts and resources.  Carol Lyles Shaw recently posted these valuable video tutorials on mitered quilt bindings, and I am passing them along to you:  Barb Sackel Bindings part 1    Barb Sackel Bindings part 2

Very helpful!  Thanks to Carol and Barb.  Enjoy and have fun.


  1. Thanks for the tip, Linda (and Sherry!). I've subscribed!

  2. Glad to be of help...I am sure Sherry can tell you more about David when you meet.


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