Monday, March 18, 2013

Fiber Forward

March 16th was World Wide Quilting Day (who knew?) what better way to celebrate it than by visiting a remarkable textile exhibit, Fiber Forward, at the temporary home of the Palos Verdes Art Center.  

Fiber Forward actually consists of three exhibits:   
Fierce Winds - Deborah Weir's lively textile interpretations of international winds.  

Confluence - a suberb mixed media collection on the theme of water by Deborah Weir, Inga Gorsvans-Buell, Cindy McConnell, Carol Nilsen, & Susan Willen.  

24 x 80 - Art cloth by the Art Cloth Network.

The work was exceptional and wonderfully curated by Deborah Weir and Inga Gorsvans-Buell.  Deborah generously offered to come by and give us a tour.  It was a fine way to learn more about the artists and background for the exhibits.  Thank you, Deborah!  For you dear readers, here is a Smilebox tour of the Fiber Forward exhibit.  Happy I was able to see these exhibits before they closed.

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