Friday, February 8, 2013

Striations 4 - Off the Wall Friday

Striations 4 (detail) - 12" square © 2013 Linda A Miller
Several of you have asked about the process in making this quilt, which continues my exploration of landscape.  I appliqued and pieced the multicolored bottom striations.  You may recognize some of the sections which are recycled trimmings from completed quilts.  Can you guess which ones?

Yarn has been machine couched to emphasize the stripes.  The larger top hand dye section (purple to turquoise) was backed with felt, washed for shrinkage and texture, then added to the piece.  The blood red sun is fused applique.  Hand embroidery was added for final detailing.

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Striations 4 - 12" square © 2013 Linda A Miller


  1. Aha! Now I see the couching -- a wonderful touch! And I love the seed stitch around that big ol' sun!

  2. The couching is a lovely touch, and these are wonderful explorations of landscape.


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