Friday, February 22, 2013

Head Above Water

Week 6 of the Art Marketing Bootcamp, and let me tell you there have been days that it seems a challenge to keep up with the flow of  information coming my way.  I have to remember to prioritize, and to realize that I cannot do it all right away.  Simplify is a key element in what I am learning.  And what a valuable set of tools I am gaining to draw on...all to make it easier to share my art with you!  I can highly recommend this course.

Journaling has been one recent addition to my daily practice from the course that is proving beneficial.  I used to write on a daily basis, and had temporarily forgotten how the seeds of ideas can grow from those outpourings.  I find that feeds the rest of the creative work, and is often more effective for me than a sketchbook.  My artwork evolves out of the process of doing the work itself, rather than coming from sketches.  By putting pen to paper, writing builds a hand - eye connection that can never come from using the keyboard.

Do you have a journal writing practice?

My stitchery kit prize has arrived from Margaret Blank's anniversary celebrations.  This will be a fun small project.  Thank you, Margaret!

I leave you with a sneak peek at another work in progress...

Things are moving slowly along with several with a deadline if I am to enter it.


  1. Great minds think alike, eh? You and I and Deb Stanley, all writing about various ways...


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