Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I had the opportunity to see Vincent van Gogh's "Self-Portrait" 1889, which is on loan from the National Gallery, now showing at the Norton Simon Museum through March 4.  It is a spectacular piece, which I had not seen in person before.  The blues vibrate on the canvas, and move attention to compelling outward gaze of Vincent.  I was drawn in.

Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853 – 1890)
Self-Portrait, 1889
Oil on canvas
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. John Hay Whitney, National Gallery of Art, Washington

Across the gallery are earlier works by van Gogh with a color palette that is completely the opposite to the "Self-Portrait".  Whether seeing the works for the first time, or for the tenth time, there is such power in the strokes and in his use of color.  It was as if he was set free by the light of the south of France.

Also on view was a letter from Vincent to a friend and former landlady that was so beautifully written and articulated...never giving light to the inner suffering.  Many years ago I had read "Dear Theo", a compilation of letters to his brother...perhaps is time to revisit the book.  Such a fine exhibit.  Thanks to the exchange program between the two museums, we can appreciate in person works from opposite ends of the country.

And here are some of my photos from the garden and Rodin's sculptures...


  1. Hi Linda-Years ago, I saw the van Gogh exhibit at LACMA. It was amazing! Thank you for sharing that there's an exhibit at the Norton Simon, which is near me. I'll definitely visit.

  2. I can remember the first time I was to see one of O'Keeffe paintings- you would have thought I was going to meet Georgia herself. The first Monet - I had to be dragged away. Starry Night- I cried.

  3. They are stirring works...


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