Friday, January 4, 2013

Embracing the New Year

I am emerging from the whirlwind of the holidays. Though wonderful, they tapped my already low energy reserves from a post Thanksgiving cold.  Taking things slower was the remedy.  Very timely, then, is this practice I have adopted of choosing a word to contemplate and explore through the year.  A friend of mine calls it dancing with a word...don't you love the interconnection that evokes?   After time spent in process before the holidays began, Embrace choose me during a walk along the bluffs above the ocean several days ago. Yes!  It feels right to embrace what the moment brings.  I am ready for the journey.

The true condition of mind is like the sky, like space: without center, without edge, without goal.
- Shabkahr Rinpoche


  1. 'Embrace'...a fitting word with which to dance...given that as we waltz through life we are in Life's embrace...

    All the best for the New Year, Linda, and I hope that cold has beaten a hasty retreat!

  2. Lovely image...Happy New Year, Margaret!


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