Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TAFA Tour - Linda Friedman Profile

"Escape and Return" © Linda Friedman

Textile And Fiber Art List (TAFA) is on online international community of artists and businesses engaged in the textile arts.  As part of this week's TAFA member tour, I would like to introduce quilt artist, Linda Friedman.  Linda has had a life long love of the written word and art.  Her achievements include publishing poetry, teaching business writing, and working in management in a surgical fellowship program at the University of Southern California.  Her commitments are balanced between education, family and the arts.

Linda was immersed in watercolor and oil painting when she discovered that painting and other nontraditional elements could be incorporated into fiber arts.  As this new passion grew she moved beyond paper and canvas, expanding her horizons and joining art quilt groups.  Linda relocated upon retirement from academia, where her hilltop home has become a studio filled with an array of color and fabric.  Although often balking at labels, Linda calls herself a fiber artist, surface designer and quilt artist.

"Flight" © Linda Friedman

Linda's wonderful art quilts have been well received in exhibits, resulting in sales and commissions nationally.  She finds inspiration from life in all its varied forms.  As with any passion, there are never sufficient hours in the day to follow her muse.  In Linda's own words, her mission is "to create lasting works of art that elevate the spirit, bring joy and pleasure to others through visual and tactile interaction, and thereby spark the innate creativity in others".

"Koi Reflections No. 4" © Linda Friedman

Lindas Art Quilts

To learn more about Linda, visit her TAFA page:

or her blog:

Drop by her excellent Etsy shop, too:

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  1. Linda, Thank you so very much for this beautifully written post. I feel very honored.
    Linda Friedman

  2. Wonderful blog about my dear friend, Linda. She is a fearless artist that I really admire. I cherish the time we spend together in her studio creating, experimenting and exploring different techniques.

  3. I enjoyed this process- a beginning to get to know Linda and her work..until we meet in person!

  4. It was so nice to hear that you two had hit it off! I'm lucky because I get to "meet" everyone as they join TAFA, so I get the eagle eye view and know how wonderful each person is. This is the kind of camaraderie that I hope we can really nurture with each other. Kudos to both of you!

  5. Enjoying the TAFA tour! What a great write up, Linda!


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