Monday, October 22, 2012

Ouilts and Flags

Several of us  took a day trip to see the Quilt National 2011 and Prayer Flag Project exhibits at the Oceanside Museum of Art over the weekend.  A fabulous day out.  I was happy to see the QN exhibit, which included one third of the original 85 quilts from that year (3 traveling exhibits are being shown all over the country).  It is inspirational to see the work that was accepted into this exceptional venue.  Always more impressive in person than in photographs, of course.  Many superb quilts, techniques and ideas.  Yet sometimes I found myself wondering what the juror was thinking in choosing a piece.  It is a reminder that, in the end, viewing art work is a subjective experience.  What one person is drawn to may not resonate with others. 

I was very intrigued by the Fiber Dialogues quilts adjacent to QN.  Here, a select group of regional artists, including Jane LaFazio, Terry Waldron, Joanell Connelly, & Sheila Frampton Cooper, were invited to submit pieces that spoke to works in the QN show.  It was an effective and interesting idea. 

Sorry, no photos allowed for any of the quilt exhibits.


Happily, they were allowed for the Prayer Flag Project 
in the lobby area.  
Exciting to see the many flags sent in from artists all over, 
including myself

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