Monday, September 24, 2012

Quietly Elevating

"When you come patiently and silently home to yourself, you come into unity and into belonging."  
John O'Donohue, excerpt from Anam Cara

I unplugged from all the electronics yesterday to give myself some space and silence to reflect and rejuvenate.  It was lovely.  I intend on doing this on a regular basis.  Why, you might ask?  Over the past year or so, I have noticed a rise in subtle feelings of overwhelm.  Not that my life has such stress to warrant such feeling, so I have watched it with curiosity.  I have also seen an increase in my online and "connected" time...often feeling a direct response of agitation on those particularly long days of computer time.  (I don't think I am alone in this reaction.)  I think it will be helpful to be more selective with my time and commitments by choosing a path with less external distraction.  I don't know, but I will let you know.  It may indeed allow more time to be really present in my life.  More time, possibly, to create work like the recently completed "Elevate".

Elevate   © 2012 Linda A. Miller
Elevate   © 2012 Linda A. Miller


  1. Always a great reminder, Linda! I find I need to begin and end each day with an extended period of quiet, all electronics *off* -- generally up to an hour. Getting outside as much as possible helps, too, whether it be to garden, stitch, walk or jog. I am trying to jog at least my shorter runs without music/iPod/whatever...just the body and the breath.

    Every little bit helps to maintain balance. :-)

  2. I also begin my day with practice and quiet...glad you liked the reminder, Margaret!

  3. Cogratulations, Linda, on a bold move. I really have an intention to spend less time online and more time just being, so I can relate.

  4. It is an ongoing challenge isn't it, Judy?!

  5. Linda - It was such a blessing to have your visit today. I found all your recent posts on solitude dovetailing into my thoughts. But here on the computer late into the evening, I ask, why do I long to connect to the others out there on the same trail?

  6. Thanks, Teri, for all your comments. Connection and relationship are important as well! Keep in touch...


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