Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Arrives

Though it has been hot here in Southern CA, the light has softened and the arrival of fall is
unmistakable.  I am ready for it!  Apples are back in my local farmer's market.  Figs are still a plenty.

The squirrels are busy in the pine and oak trees.  My yard is littered with chewed pine cones.  And soon they will start to bury acorns all over the yard, including my potted plants! 

Squirrel's Leavings

Fall is a transition from the expansive energy of summer to a more inward quiet time.  According to my acupuncturist and TCM tradition, this season change is the most challenging for the body.   This is a good time not to over do, particularly as we get older.  Been there, done that, so I now approach fall more carefully using the time for nourishing the body.  Happy to be back with Feldenkrais classes.  This movement technique freshens my outlook with new discovery, and gently informs my yoga practice....along with my creative practice.

On another note, I had the good fortune to see the exhibit "Gustav Klimt: The Magic of Line", a retrospective of his drawings, at the Getty Center.  Superb!  I love the rawness of the images, half finished, that catch the figure he was observing.  Great opportunity to view so many wonderful drawings in one place, most that were new to me.  He drew models everyday, and was a master draftsman, allowing those images to inspire his paintings.  Watch this video about the exhibit.

My own work piece almost completed which I will soon show you.  I have been working on flags for the Prayer Flag Project, too.  Follow this link to learn more.

Energy - for the Prayer Flag Project


  1. My favorite time of year, Linda. All those years of back to school, plus the renewal of the Jewish New Year. I do get overexcited to begin again. Thanks for the reminder to take it easy! (And yes, even though my pots are dying back here in the midwest, the squirrels will be burying their stores, and come spring, digging up my newly potted plants.)

  2. "Apples are back" makes me chuckle; here in Canada, there are always apples -- sometimes from B.C., sometimes Eastern Canada (where I grew up), sometimes the US...but we never have fresh figs. Only time we ever saw those was when we picked 'em at the home of cousins just outside Sevilla, Spain...!

  3. There are apples all year at the chain markets, but local farmers markets have them from now through possibly spring!


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