Monday, July 30, 2012

IQF Long Beach 2012

There were many fabulous exhibits to see this year in Long Beach.  First, I am thrilled to say that Black and White with a Twist looked wonderful...the black and white quilts all together were striking.  Many thanks to the exhibit hanging team of Cynthia Catlin, Deborah Stanley, Theresa Shippy, Eileen Wintemute, Laura Bisagna, and Mary Beth Kile!  See my photos below.  Go the Quilts on the Wall blog for shots from hanging the exhibit.  This exhibit is going to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XIX in September, and then on to Houston!

 Rituals by the ever creative Dinner at Eight Artists was excellent.  Again, seeing the variety in how the theme was interpreted is amazing.  No photography allowed, so check out the exhibit on their blog.  

I was thrilled to find several series from Twelve by Twelve, an international group of 12 quilt artists who have created an ongoing art challenge for themselves.  It was wonderful to discover how each interpreted the theme.  I loved seeing the development of each artist over time.  Fortunately for you this exhibit allowed photography, so I am able to share with you one of my favorites, the "Orange" theme.  Though, admittedly, viewing things in person far surpasses any photographed quilt images.  Do follow my link above to learn more about these artists.

12 x 12 - Orange


SAQA's collection from the Masters 2, along with Sense of Adventure was impressive, of course. 

Since I was only at the festival for one day, I focused mostly on exhibits...once I did my volunteer shift at the SAQA booth.  Though I did wander the vendor areas briefly, and found some wonderful African fabrics.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a taste of the festival. That B&W exhibit looks great, even at a distance. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the African fabrics...


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