Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black and White...

...with a Twist was the theme for this Quilts on the Wall members challenge.  Happy to say that Linear Moves has been accepted!  This collection will debut at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, July 26 - 29.  (My first time showing at the IQF!) The quilts will travel on to the Pennsylvania National in the fall, and to PIQF in 2013.

Linear Moves 54"x30" © 2012 Linda A. Miller

The requirements were:  Each piece to measure 54"H x 30" W in portrait orientation.  The quilts were to be black and white.  The “Twist” of color was not to exceed 10% of the total area of the quilt.  Grayscale was considered to be 'color'.

Reflecting on the theme immediately brought to my mind the graphic ink calligraphy often seen in Zen and other Buddhist traditions.  I have had the opportunity to work with variations of this meditative art form on paper, so capturing the essence of the brushwork and translating it to cloth became my challenge. As with Echo (see link from previous post), simplicity was a key element in the overall presentation. 

Accepted Artists:
Catherine Baltgalvis - Prelude
Jennifer Beatty - Pinwheels in the Wind
Laura Bisagna - Pointless
David Charity - Blind Eye
Trish Charity - Le'Femme
Carol A. Churchill - Geisha Perfection
Linda Friedman - Balancing Act
jo p Griffith - A day at the beach
Robin Grube - Avian Spin
Annette Guerrero- Gridlock
Stacy Hurt - Moon - Sisters
Rachel Keller - Spinning My Wheels 
Mary Beth Kile - Roots and mycorrhizal
Vonda Matthews - Tranquil Autumn Night
Linda A. Miller - Linear Moves
Carol Nilsen - Courage and Sass
Myrna L. Peterjohn - Jumping for Joy
JoAnn Sarachman - Childhood Memories
Julie Schlueter - Fiore
Beth Shibley - Doodling
Linda Stone - The Red Shoes
Mary Tabar - The Light
Karen Van Dargriff - Who Are They
Carolyn Villars - Snowboarder 
Deborah Weir - Galactic Dance
Carolyn Winfield - Octopus Garden
Eileen Wintemute - Black & White Desert

These will join the collection tour after Long Beach:
Phyllis Binkley - Reaching for the Light
Teresa Shippy - Searching for Coco Chanel
Deborah Stanley - Lady Dova
Suanne Summers - The Imaginarium
Sally Gould Wright - Hot Couture - The Little Black Dress

Jurors were: Matthew Leslie and Connie Rohman
Congratulations to all!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Auction Complete

Linda A Miller - Fire Series 1

The results are in from the auction.  Eileen Bailey-Frank had the winning bid in the amount of $250 to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Walk 2012.  She is the happy recipient of Fire Series 1.  Congratulations, Eileen, and many thanks for your generous bid!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

PSE Tutorial

Linda A Miller - Flower Study 

Try this fabulously easy way to add watermark signatures or copyrights to your photos with Photoshop Elements. I found it so much quicker than the previous method I was using with PSE.  
Thanks to Rachel Biel, of TAFA, for 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Echo, 31.5"x17.5" © 2012 Linda A. Miller
Echo, 31.5"x17.5" © 2012 Linda A. Miller

Here is the recently completed Echo.  Over the past year I have been exploring mark making with ink on fabric.  I first discovered the technique in creative process workshops which are influenced by the brushwork of contemplative traditions.  As a fiber artist, I wanted to see how this worked on fabric.  It works well!  Once the painting was complete, I pieced on the borders in the style of traditional Asian scrolls. 


Echo, 31.5"x17.5" © 2012 Linda A. Miller
Echo (detail)  © 2012 Linda A. Miller

In my mind, this quilt called for hand echo quilting around the ink work, with the borders being machine quilted.  I added touches of hand embroidery to tie in with the red highlightsThis overall style, along with the black and white theme, follows a larger quilt I recently finished for a juried exhibition (have not heard those results yet).  Simplicity was an important element, as well.  

The process has been satisfying.  May you enjoy this quilt.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Auction for MS Update

I am happy to report the bid for "Fire Series 1" is now up to $250!  Just hearing about this Auction?  See the post here.  Bidding closes April 12th at 10pm.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Auction for MS

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Los Angeles MS Walk will be held on April 15th to bring awareness to this devastating disease.  You may be aware, that since 1993 I've taught yoga classes for those living with MS, initially through the NMSS and now independently.  Long time student, Beth Atkins, with her "Crazy Beth's Crew" have participated in this walk for 11 years.  I have supported the Walk in a number of ways over the years, and this time I am trying something different.  Inspired by online auction efforts of my friend, Sally Gould Wright, I am placing one of my mini quilts up for auction this week to support Crazy Beth's Crew as they raise money for the NMSS.

I am sending a little sunshine to the cause with:
Linda A Miller - Fire Series 1

Fire Series 1  
11.5" x 9"
Made in 2008

Materials: Cotton, silk ribbon, fabric paint
Techniques:  Fused applique, painted, thread painted and machine quilted 

The quilt has a sleeve on the back and dowel ready for hanging.

Fire Series 1  (detail)

Fire Series 1  (detail)
Here are the details for the auction:  The highest bidder by 10 pm (PST) on April 12, 2012 will receive the quilt (I will cover the shipping, if within the U.S.).  100% of the final winning bid price will go as a donation to the NMSS in care of Crazy Beth's Crew.  Throughout the week I will post "highest bid" updates on the blog, and also in the comments section for this particular post.
If you are interested, all you need to do is email me your bid.  I will post the bids on my blog.  I will announce how much the quilt has sold for, and contact that person with info on how/where to send payment.  For a tax deduction, the check can be made out to NMSS with "Crazy Beth's Crew" written in the note section. The quilt will be mailed once the payment has been received.  I will forward on the donation, in the winner's name, to Beth Atkins for the NMSS.  The winner can remain anonymous of they prefer.

Of course, even if you do not want to participate in the auction, you can still donate to the NMSS by checking the website.

This auction is now open.  Good luck and have fun!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Flowing Through
© 2009 Linda A. Miller

I am thrilled to announce that Flowing Through and Flowing On will be in the 2012 Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition!  The two venues are:
  • National Tainan Living Art Center, Tainan City, August 11 - September 7 
  •  Taichung Municipal City Huludun Cultural Center, Taichung City, September 22 - October 28 
This event is sponsored by the Taiwan Art Quilt Society.  Follow the link for a list of artists.  I pleased to be in great company!

Flowing On  
© 2010 Linda A. Miller


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